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Cikarang, A Boomtown Today

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Indonesia, as a developing country, has continuously trying to grow their cities potential to maximum. One of the current booming city is Cikarang, as Meikarta is currently built upon it. But what made Cikarang so special?

Cikarang is a large industrial hub center located only 34 km away from Jakarta. Best known as Bekasi regency’s capital city, Cikarang is an economic powerhouse and routinely contributes more than half of the nation’s GDP. With countless products being manufactured at Cikarang and populated with around 12.000 expatriate residents, won’t the city rival Jakarta in just several years?

With that in mind, building Meikarta at Cikarang is a brilliant best decision. The ever growing city with Meikarta plan to create a futuristic city, seems to be combining rightly. So, more reason to live at Meikarta, right?