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Meikarta’s Solution for Better Traffic Conditions

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Traffic condition has become a major problem in Indonesia, especially in our capital city of Jakarta. Just going out from home causes more problems than they are worth, considering the 1 to 2 hours long traffic jam that we face daily. We believe that the core of the problem is Jakarta’s unplanned road map layout. As a beautiful capital that grew exponentially from a sprawling small town into a full-fledged urban city, Jakarta was not planned from the beginning to accommodate huge traffic flows.

Worry not, because Meikarta have the solution. Like the future city we’ve always imagined, we create four layer of roads for transportation at Meikarta. Dividing road for trains, trucks, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists, not only will we reduce traffic jams, we will also reduce the number of fatal accidents. Sounds promising?

Meikarta aims to create easier access to go wherever you need to be and offers a safe and better future through our four layer roads system, creating a nicer place for everyone to live.