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Smart City with Advanced Technology

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What do we define as a smart city? What image comes up to mind? Perhaps a city with super fast internet connection, robotic assistants, and driverless automatic transports? It sounds smart doesn’t it? However, a true smart city is actually more than that.

At Meikarta, we are building a smart city that will definitely amaze everyone. What kind of smart city? For starters, we have a never-before-seen four layer roads system, where each layers are used for different kinds of transportation between the LRT, monorails, buses, cars, and motorcyles. In addition, we are constructing our buildings using state-of-the-art technology to create a city in record time. Also, our city will be secured by a comprehensive CCTV system throughout the whole city. Surely, living in Meikarta is redefining what it actually feels to be living in a smart city.

Sounds interesting? What else are you looking for? The true smart city is here at Meikarta.