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What The City of Tomorrow Should Look Like

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When we’re still a young kid dreaming of the future, often times, we were imagining a high-tech city filled with flying cars, towering skyscrapers, colorful vibrant lights, and a nestled in a sprawling complex filled with green nature at day and sparkling lights at night. Though a future marked with flying cars may seem far away, we are now one step closer towards our vision of this future city we’ve always been dreaming of.

Meikarta aims to be the first future city built in Cikarang, Indonesia. Our goal is to be the new technology development hub at Southeast Asia, to provide a leading research center, and to become the region’s prime commercial area with unparalleled infrastructure. Enveloping the six characteristic of what we think the city of tomorrow should look like by being a high-tech, productive, collaborative, vibrant, optimistic, open and engaging city and fulfilling the smart, ecological, and futuristic life, Meikarta is a giant step forward in Indonesian city planning and living with its futuristic vision.

With all the goals and plans that Meikarta aspires to be, a city that we’ve been dreaming of since we were a kid, this reality seems almost too good to be true! Who knows? Meikarta might even become the first city where we will finally see flying cars!