Located in Indonesia as one of the single largest economy in Southeast Asia, surrounded with major multinational companies and research hub, Meikarta is in no others words the best place for endless business opportunites in the very near future. Bringing the world to Meikarta to invest.

Providing comprehensive world-class Meeting, Exhibition, Convention and Concert facilities will add on bigger business opportunities and showcase your business to the world.

Having all great business opportunities in Meikarta, means that career opportunities also come along as a domino effect. Ambitious careers benefit immensely from the Eight Centers of excellence at Meikarta.

  1. To be Southeast Asia’s new technology development hub
  2. To be the region’s prime commercial area with unparalleled infrastructure
  3. To be the city that incubated and inspires creativity whilst inspiring culture
  4. To be a leading research center in Southeast Asia
  5. To be the global benchmark for future-forward urban planning
  6. To be the source of Indonesian pride on the world stage
  7. To be the region ‘s smartest globally-connected financial center
  8. To set new standards in the region for light industries

You don’t need a lot of convincing to see where your career will take off here. Adding to that, the convenience of living from where you work and you, have every reason to fast-track your move to Meikarta right now.

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