Discover the advantages of living, working or investing in Meikarta. Even though it is a new city, it is planned from the ground up for sustainable and efficient energy and waste management. This means Meikarta benefits from lower living costs – compared to Jakarta.

Meikarta presents one of the world’s most unique opportunities to invest in the creation of an entirely new city concept; one that’s planned to be both future-ready and future-proof. Investors can take advantage of Meikarta’s vision of being a great place to live and work, in a location that is already the industrial powerhouse of the Indonesian economy.

Meikarta is connected to every dot on the map: to neighboring cities and to the world, with unparalleled infrastructure that other cities only dream of. But that’s not the best thing. The potential return on investment with Meikarta is remarkably high for a remarkably low investment outlay. Meikarta is planned to finish their first development at the end of 2018. So, what are you waiting for?

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