Imagine if you could live in a city that gives you everything! No need to wait, because the future is here today.

Welcome to the world of Meikarta, a new city that will let you experience a sophisticated life. An advanced transport system and fully integrated road in the city. Also providing best infrastructure with four layers of unique road network for trains, trucks, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Aiding residence in more convenience to travel around the city with less hectic and hassle. Promising better traffic conditions for Indonesians today and tomorrow.

Relax and enjoy quality time with loved ones. In Meikarta you can be pampered by varieties of entertainment spot. With 300.000 square metres of retail space across 10 shopping centers and 1.500.000 square metres of commercial space across countless buildings, people far and wide will flock to Meikarta for leisure, business and entertainment.

Despite the metropolitan lifestyle, a Central Park a vast as 100-hectare wide is the green belt of Meikarta to make more balance environment and less polluted air in the city. Perfect for picnics, early morning runs or if you so inclince, bird watching, simple pleasures abound at Meikarta.

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