Meikarta is the largest project ever developed by Lippo Group over the last 67 years. Meikarta will become the largest and most beautiful city in Southeast Asia to provide quality of life and a better place to work. Meikarta comes with a vision to create quality housing at affordable prices, in an effort to help the government reduce the number of home backlog of 11.4 million units. Meikarta city development will focus on improving the economy in Indonesia, particularly in the eastern corridor of Jakarta - Bekasi, by providing a choice location for investment, jobs and promote innovation and human capital in order to build a nation. Total area of planning and developing : 22.000.000 m2 Working, playing and living community : 1.000.000*


The St. Moritz Penthouses & Residences is superblock built by Lippo in west part of Jakarta, more precisely in CBD Puri Kembangan. St.Moritz complex consists of 6 apartment towers, renown shopping center Lippo Mall Puri, office towers, Convention Center, International School, Club House, etc. Currently St.Moritz has become one of the favorite destinations frequented by the residents of West Jakarta. Not only to live, but to shop, play and work. Total area of planning and developing : 1.140.000 m2 Working, playing and living community : 18.000.000*


Kemang Village is a superblock project located in South Jakarta, the most prestigious area in Kemang. Kemang Village has become an icon in the Kemang area that provides luxury residences that are integrated with the famous shopping center, Lippo Mall Kemang, International School, Hotel, Country Club etc. Kemang Village began construction in 2007. Until now Kemang Village remains one of the main destinations for South Jakarta residents who want to have quality and integrated housing or so-called one stop living. Total area of planning and developing : 1.242.000 m2 Working, playing and living community : 28.000.000*


Bukit Sentul is Lippo’s favorite project which has thousands of hectares of land in Bogor. The development of this independent city is for the advantage of Bogor residents in general because it indirectly could potentially open up new employment opportunities that empower local communities. The establishment of townships in Bogor encourages the local industry and the proliferation of factory outlets to be one of the charm that attracts tourists from Jakarta to visit Bogor. Collaboration of Lippo and local government was able to transform Sentul are to become more advanced than before. Total area of planning and developing : 4.000 Ha Working, playing and living community : 135.000


Lippo inaugurated its first independent town development in Tangerang called Lippo Village Karawaci, which is located 30 km west of Jakarta with a strategic location and easily accessible from any roads including access from Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR) which allows people to get to Karawaci. Lippo Karawaci is also very prospective in investment by developing its business portfolio including Urban Development, Large Scale Integrated Development, Retail Mall, Hospital and Hotel. Development Lippo Karawaci brings goodness to people around, many upscale facilities such as Pelita Harapan University, Siloam Hospital, which encourage the creation of new jobs. Total area of planning and developing : 2.000 Ha Working, playing and living communit : 165.000


Lippo Cikarang is a satelite city project in the eastern corridor of Jakarta, in Cikarang, Bekasi. The location is adjacent to the industrial estate of various national and international corporations, which make this town grow rapidly and become one of the important cities in the eastern corridor of Jakarta. By relying on seven industrial estates surrounding it, and a wide range of urban facilities such as offices, hotels, entertainment, recreation, shopping centers and sports facilities, this area deserves to be called as an independent city. Such facilities help people in the area to find all kinds of daily necessities. With its close proximity to the industrial area, Lippo Cikarang is the first choice for a comfortable residence for workers in the industrial area around. Total area of planning and developing :5.400 Ha Working, playing and living community : 420.000

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